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[5 Pack] Cobra Blanket for Home Fire Safety 40″ x 40″ – GROMMET SPECIAL Thermal Protection

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Premium Quality and Safety: [5 Pack] Mart Cobra emergency fire blankets are made from high-grade 430+ GSM 100% fiberglass fabric. Our fire safety flame retardant blankets withstand extreme temperatures up to 1076°F, which ensures robust and reliable fire protection. These fire blankets emergency for homes meet rigorous safety standards set by CE and SGS, making them an indispensable addition to any comprehensive survival kit.

Easy to Use: Our fireproof blanket is designed for quick and efficient deployment making them one of the camping essentials. In an emergency, simply pull down the tabs, spread the mart cobra blanket over the fire to smother the flames, and turn off the heat source. This straightforward process makes it easy for anyone to use, and it can also be employed to cover your body for added protection in a fire survival situation.

Mess-free fire Suppression: Unlike traditional fire extinguishers that can leave a significant mess, our 40″L x 40″ W fire blanket for home and kitchen cuts off the fire’s oxygen supply without producing any chemical residue or mess. The clean and effective fire suppression method of our survival blanket ensures you can safely extinguish flames without additional cleanup concerns.

Versatile and Ideal: This emergency blanket is versatile and designed for various settings, including kitchens, grills, boats, and cars. It can be conveniently hung on a wall for easy access during emergencies. Our fire extinguisher blanket is safe to drape over adults, children, or pets, providing high-temperature resistance and protection wherever needed, making it an essential component of camping gear for any camping safety & survival equipment and for emergency preparedness plan.

Ultimate Protection for Your Family: Rest easy knowing that our fire suppression blanket meets or exceeds international safety standards, ensuring top-tier protection. This dependable performance gives you the confidence and peace of mind that your family is well-protected in a fire emergency. It can be a perfect gift to your loved ones to make them realize you care for their health and home safety.

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